The Department of General Medicine was started functioning in the year 1948.

Dr. J.N. Berry (1948 -1949) was the first professor and Head of Department of General Medicine. Subsequently, Dr H.L. Khosla (1949-1952), Dr J.N Berry (1952-62), Dr R.D Lele (1962-66), Dr B.J Subhedar (1966-69), Dr G.S Sainaini(1969-72), Dr B.S. Choubey (1972-1976), Dr R.B Bhagwath (1976-78), B.S Choubey (1978-78), Dr P.Y Deshmukh (1978-78), Dr B.S. Choubey (1978-83), Dr B.G. Waghmare (1983-85), Dr P.Y. Deshmukh (1985-89), Dr B.G. Waghmare (1989-1994), Dr R.G. Salkar (1994-95), Dr S.M. Fusey (1995-02), Dr R.G. Salkar (2002-04), Dr Mrs H.R. Salkar (2004-05), Dr M.M. (2005-06), Dr H.R. Salkar (12-2006 to 31-08-2008), Dr Y.V. Bansod (1-09-2008 to 7-07-2014), Dr. Vrinda S. Sahasrabhojaney (8-7-2014 - till date).

The current admission strength of M.D. General Medicine is 11 per year and the degree recognised by Medical Council of India in 1955.

Faculty Medicine


  • Department of General Medicine has organised CME on Diabetes along with MERCK Company as per directives of DMER Mumbai in February 2015 and 29th June 2016.
  • Recognized DNB exam centre.
  • Award at API Jaipur and Chenni, AMS award, AMWI award won by Dr. Mrs. M.P. Holay