Department of pathology was established in December 1995 with Haematology, Cytopathology, Histopathology & Clinical Pathology sections with all diagnostic healthcare services using the latest advanced technology equipments that helps us in ensuring quality based reports.

Facilities including subspecialities

  • Haematology - C.B.C. by automated 5 & 3 Part Cell Counters - Reticulocyte count
    - E.S.R.
    - Sickling
    - P.S.
    - Bone Marrow
  • Clinical Pathology - Routine Urine Examination
    - Routine Stool Examination
  • Cytology - F.N.A.C.
    - Fluid Cytology by Cytospin.
    - Sputum Cytology
    - Bronchi Alveolar Lavage (BAL)
    - Squash-Crush Smear Cytology for Intraoperative Diagnosis
    - Urine Cytology
  • Histopathology&Histochemistry
  • Coagulation Profile by Coagulometer
  • Micro - Photography


Our department is working since more than 20 years with mission of providing best of the best diagnostic services with quality reporting having research based analysis.


In future point of view, our department is trying to have all the latest diagnostic equipments to fulfill the major diagnostic services of a reputed tertiary healthcare centre.

Future Projects &Plans:-

  1. Hb. Electrophoresis by HPLC
  2. Immuno-Histochemistry
  3. HLA Typing Laboratory
  4. DNB Pathology Course
  5. Fellowship in Gastroenteropathology, Neuropathology, CVTS Pathology & Haematopathology
  6. Tertiary Immunofluorescence Centre in Central India
  7. Liquid Based Cytology
  8. Flow Cytometry

Organization Structure & Chart

Designation No. of Post
Professor and HOD 1
Associate Professor 1
Assistant Professor 5

Faculty Pathology