Total number of members in the Committee

Sr.No Name and Designation of the Member Status in the Committee
1. Dr. A.K.Niswade, Dean, GMC, Nagpur Chairman
2. Dr.U.Narlawar,Professor& Head of PSM Member Secretary
3. Dr.D.T.Kumbhalkar, Vice Dean, UG, Member
4. Dr.Sangawar, Vice Dean, PG Member
5. Dr.M.G.Muddeshwar,Professor of Biochemistry Member
6. Dr.Nilam Mishra,Professor&Head,Physiology Member
7. Dr.P.Fulpatil, Professor & Head of Anatomy Member
8. Dr.J.Hedaoom, Medical Supt.GMCH, Nagpur Member
9. Dr.G.N.Dakhle,Professor of Pharmacology Member
10. Dr.P.Bhatkule, Professor of PSM Member
11. Dr.N.G.Tirpude, Professor & Head of Anaesthe Member
12. Dr.V.D.Tajne, Professor , Physiology Member
13. Dr.S.N.Parate, Professor , Pathology Member
14. Dr.Anand Mukharjee, Prof. & Head F.M.T Member
15. Dr.Prashant Bagdey,,&Dy.Supt. Member
16. Dr.Sameer Golawar, Asso.Prof.PSM,Chief Warden Boys Hostel Member
17. Dr.More, CMO, &AsstWarden Boys Hostel Member
18. Dr.ReenaWagh, Asso.Prof. Biochemistry Member
19. Dr.Shukla,CMO&Asst.Ward, Boys Hostel Member
20. Dr.M.H.Waghmare, Asst.Prof. Patho& Warden Boys Hostel Member
21. Dr.SonaliPatil, Asso.Prof. PSM & Warden Girls Member
22. Dr.VarshaWanjare, Asso.Prof.Microbio, Member
23. Dr.Sophiya Azad, Asst.Prof.Occupational Therapy, & Warden Girls Hostel Member
24. Dr.AtulSomalwar, Asso. Prof.Medicine Member
25. Dr.Atul Rajkondawar,Asso.Prof.Medicine Member
26. Dr.Abjul Quiraishi, Asso.Prof.Surgery Member
27. Dr.Sandip Kokate, Asso.Prof.Microbiology Member
28. Dr.Meena Bajpeyi, Asso.Prof.Microbiology Member
29. Dr.Kirti Nembade, Asso.Prof. Anatomy Member
30. Dr.H.V.Pathak,Asso.Prof. Forensic Medicine Member
31. Dr. Manish Thakre, Member
32. Dr.Abhay Chavhan,Asst.Prof.PSM Member
33. Shri P.Dorve, Chief Administrative Officer Member
34. Shri ArunDhurve, Administrative Officer Member
35. # Representative of Collector
36. Shri Pawar Police Inspector, Ajni Police St.
37. Shri Mahesh Bokade Reporter, Loksatta
38. Shri Vikas Vaidya Reporter, The Hitwada
39. # President Student Union, GMC,Nagpur

Contact Details of the Committee :

Landline number :-0712-2743588
Email Address
Toll free number : 1800 180 5522