Because of rapid strides made in the science of Medical Microbiology, separate department of Microbiology was set up after the division of Pathology department in the year 1972. Dr. Usha Hardas was the first Head of the department. The Department of Microbiology caters to all clinical departments for diagnosis of emerging and reemerging infectious diseases, study of antimicrobial resistance and investigations of infectious disease outbreak.

The teaching faculty of the department comprises of 19 staff members and 29 non-teaching/technical staff and 11 residents. We have 4 sanctioned posts of residents who get registered for MD Microbiology every year. Our MD is recognized by MCI. At present the Prof. and Head is Dr. Sunanda Shrikhande.

Clinical role of microbiology laboratory

1 Implementation of appropriate and standardized laboratory diagnostic techniques for patient management

2 Quality control and Quality assurance systems for all the tests employed in our lab

3 Thorough investigations of outbreaks of various infectious diseases

4. Surveillance of hospital acquired infections

5. Antibiotic policy and stewardship

6. Education and sensitization of medical and paramedical staff for hospital infection control, HIV and STIs.

Facilities available

There are different sections in microbiology laboratory with different subspecialties.

  1. Bacteriology laboratory
  2. Mycobacteriology laboratory        
  3. Mycology laboratory
  4. Serology laboratory
  5. Virology laboratory
  6. Parasitology laboratory
  7. Immunology laboratory
  8. Central clinical laboratory
  9. Animal house


I) Regional STI Training and Referral Laboratory (RSTRRL)

  • It is a regional centre for diagnosis of STI/ RTI for Nagpur, Goa, Raipur and Bhopal
  • Regular training for medical and paramedical staff of these allied centers
  • Participation in various EQUAS undertaken by apex center at Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi.

II) Hospital Infection Control program

Active contribution in Hospital Infection Control (HIC) program. Department undertakes

  • Training of medical and paramedical staff of our college and hospital
  • Supervision of biomedical waste disposal and Surveillance of Hospital acquired infections.
  • We have applied for NABH safe I accreditation.

III) Integrated disease surveillance program (IDSP):

            It is a State referral lab for confirmation of outbreaks of infectious diseases.

IV) HIV Diagnostic Laboratory (HDL)

It is a State reference laboratory for 65 centers of Nagpur division.

HDL comprises of

  •  Integrated Counseling & Testing Center I (ICTC) (general population)
  •  Integrated Counseling & Testing Center II (patient attending ANC clinic)
  •  Estimation of CD4 counts for HIV positive persons
  •  Recently Viral load laboratory has been by MSACS. It will be operative soon.

The CD4 laboratory participates in the regular EQUAS programme.

V) Sentinel surveillance for vector borne viral infections mainly Japanese encephalitis, Chikungunya & Dengue.


Faculty Microbiology

Faculty Attendence

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There are 34 publications in last 3 years in the Department of Microbiology






The centre for Regional sexually transmitted infection, teaching, training, research and reference laboratory (RSTRRL) project under maharastra state AIDS  control society (MSACS),  National AIDS Control Organisation (NACO) AND Department of  Microbiology organised a capacity building training programme for Microbiologists and Laboratory technicians from 29 jan to 2 feb. 

Awards & Achievements

Achievements of last three years

Since its inception, our department has been in the forefront of various academic and research activities. We have organized three national level conferences, one state conference and various workshops on gel technology, STIs and HIV.

            Also Trypanosoma evansi and Chandipura virus were discovered in our department for the first time.

ICMR sanctioned 3 short term research projects for undergraduates have been conducted in our department in the last 3 consecutive years

Vidarbha level winner of Microbiology undergraduate quiz since ten consecutive years.

Maharashtra State level winner of Microbiology undergraduate quiz since five years.

The postgraduate students from Department of Microbiology attended Mahamicrocon 2018, the state chapter of Indian Association of Medical Microbiologist, at Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences, Karadfrom 28 september to 30 september 2018 and won the second prize in oral presentation.

Exams & Results

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